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    in the mouth a desert— pavement

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  3. This is not Andrew.

    This is Tobey Maguire.

  4. One time I tried applying to Trader Joe’s and this guy working there said I look like Spider-Man. Then he told me they weren’t hiring.

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  5. "

    Mom: Oh look! Luis Miguel is playing The Forum!

    Dad: How much is it?

    Mom: $300.

    Dad: $300?!?! That’s okay, I’ll buy a CD.

  6. Jensen needle, 1954.

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    Discussing Sufjan music philosophy with partydream

    When you find out you’re basic.


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    So excited for AHS freak show

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  9. Cool news!!!

    Found out my emergency room visit from earlier this year (for a panic attack) cost $800. And now I’m being called nonstop by debt collectors.

    $800 for one fucking Xanax.

    God bless the USA.

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    Mel Bochner

    Dispersed Perspective (One Point), 1967
    Photo collage and graphite on board

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