1. A breakdown of last night’s show.

    Amazeballs. If I had to describe it all in one word, that would be it. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget about the bass. Not bass that you’ve heard from your computer speakers or whatever you call your “home stereo.” I’m talking BASS THAT WILL BLOW YOUR CLOTHES OFF. It was that intense.

    The show opened up with a set composed of some big names from FlyLo’s own label Brainfeeder. Some of these artists included: Strangeloop, Teebs, Samiyam, Gaslamp Killer, and last but not least, Thundercat w/ Austin Peralta. Everyone delivered their own unique style and in turn got the crowd moving. I’ll have to admit, Thundercat kinda threw most people off with his stuff. If you’re not too familiar with him, he’s a bass prodigy and is quite a sight to watch live. He makes experimental music implementing beats, samples, and keyboards played by Austin Peralta. (Can’t think of anything else at the moment to categorize him under, so I thought I play it safe and say “experimental.”)

    Now for FlyLo. Man, where do I start? First off, he had some help from Thundercat and Austin Peralta, and Carla Azar (the drummer from Autolux). Just on a side note, Carla is a major babe. When she played those drums…dayummmm. Okay, I’m getting side-tracked here. Once FlyLo stepped on stage, the crowd went wild and immediately entered this trance. It could’ve been all the weed, or even FlyLo’s fat blunt he smoked throughout the set, but putting all that aside, it looked like everyone was having a great time. I for one was not under the influence of anything that night and still enjoyed every beat he dropped.

    Some highlights of the night included Kill Your Co-Workers, Computer Face // Pure Being, Clay, Massage Situation, Do the Astral Plane (MY JAM RIGHT HURR), Pickled!, Dance of the Pseudo Nymph, Tea Leaf Dancers, Clock Catcher, and his rendition of Idioteque. FUCKING IDIOTEQUE!!! I pretty much creamed my pants at that point. I do wish he played more stuff off Los Angeles…regardless, it was fucking mind-blowing. 

    Oh and did I tell you I shook his hand twice? No big deal. When’s the last time you touched FlyLo’s sweaty palms?

    As for things I didn’t really enjoy:

    - Drunk girls who kept talking throughout the entire show about how hungry they were. No exaggerations here. 

    - Excess amount of bros who didn’t know how to dance properly. Seriously, take some lessons.

    - FlyLo playing Tyler the Creator’s “Yonkers.” What the actual fuck?! Sorry, but I’m just not a fan of Odd Future. At all. Once he started playing that song all the white kids around me started crying and screaming in joy as they sang along. I on the other hand wanted to slap them all in the face. #swag

  1. redlipsticksmudged said: Confusion! I could have sworn you liked Odd Future? Maybe in previous posts I didn’t pick up the sarcasm haha. It’s weird, I started to like Tyler but then it seems like my liking turns to hating as the days go on….
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